Advanced Obstetrical Services (AOS)

A mother’s pre-existing condition, such as diabetes, can cause a pregnancy to be high risk. Or, sometimes problems develop during pregnancy that complicate a pregnancy. Methodist patients rely on our AOS specialists, who are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing the highest level of care to high risk obstetric patients.

AOS Team

Methodist’s team of AOS specialists coordinates care with the patient’s obstetrician or primary care physician to ensure a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery. Our team is comprised of physicians who are board certified in maternal-fetal medicine and clinical genetics, ultrasonographers who are experienced in fetal imaging, and other credentialed professionals.

Throughout the pregnancy, screenings and tests are performed to monitor the health of the mother and fetus. For example, Methodist follows the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology guidelines in performing screenings crucial for detecting certain neural tube defects such as spina bifida and chromosomal disorders such a Down syndrome.

Other tests include:

Targeted Level 2 Ultrasounds

Board Certified Maternal Fetal Medicine physicians and sonographers who are epxerienced in fetal imaging perform these ultrasounds to identify fetal abnormalities.


Performed during pregnancy, this test can detect chromosomal disorders and inherited metabolic disorders. In the later stages of pregancy, it helps identify suspected problems such as Rh incompatibility or infection.

Non-Stress Testing and Biophysical Profile

Also known as Dynamic Antenatal Testing, these procedures evaluate the well-being of the fetus and measure such things as the amount of amniotic fluid and fetal movement, muscle tone, and lung movement. The procedures also establish characteristics such as fetal age, sex and weight, and help diagnose any conditions that might affect development.

Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling helps patients with risk factors make informed decisions in the management of their pregnancy. Risk factors can include being 35 years of age or older; having a family history of an inheritable disease, birth defect, recurrent pregnancy loss, abnormal screening tests, or genetic disorder; or exposure to recreational drugs, radiation or medication.

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Prepared Childbirth Classes

A five-week course to help pregnant mothers and their partners learn about labor, delivery and the immediate post partum period.

Methodist Hospitals Midlake Campus,
2269 25th Ave, Gary

Southlake Campus,
Pavilion B, 200 E. 89th Ave, Merrillville

To register call 1-888-909-DOCS (3627).

Free Scoliosis Screenings

Having your child screened for scoliosis is quick and painless and can prevent future health problems from happening. By appointment only.

Southlake Campus,
NeuroScience Institute,
200 E. 89th Ave, Merrillville

For information call 219-738-4926. 

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