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Cancer Case Review Team

As patient at Methodist, you'll have access to innovative and advanced treatment modalities in cancer care. Your cancer treatment will be determined by a team of physicians and nurses from multiple specialties working together to review your diagnosis and customize the best treatment plan for you.

The team meets twice each month to review all available medical information for each patient to determine best treatments and provides a comprehensive report to your referring physician. Your referring physician may also participate in medical conferences that focus on your plan of care.

An additional component of the case review process is to determine individual patients' supportive care needs. Methodist provides comprehensive and coordinated support services to assist patients with the physiological and psychological aspects of cancer.

Patient Navigators

Masters degree-prepared nurses serving as patient navigators are an integral part of the Oncology Institute. In the acute and outpatient settings, these nurse clinical specialists direct, advise and answer questions to help patients "navigate" through the medical process. In addition to supporting patients and families, these nurses assist with community education, cancer risk assessments and cancer screenings.

Acute Care Services

Methodist Hospitals provides dedicated units for cancer patients who require acute care. Oncology-certified nurses provide specialized attention and detailed information to help patients best manage their treatment process. The nursing staff provides ongoing emotional support for patients and caregivers.

Rehabilitative Services

Methodist’s Rehabilitation Center assists patients in achieving physical, social and emotional independence. Comprehensive outpatient rehabilitative services for cancer patients are dedicated to a holistic approach to care and include:

  • Lymphedema services
  • Ostomy services
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech/Language therapy
  • Incontinence program

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Methodist Health TV - Cancer Case Review - Leading the way to better health.

Methodist Health TV - Cancer Case Review - Leading the way to better health.

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