Breast Specific Services

At Methodist Hospitals' Breast Center, comfort and compassion are paired with the latest technology, treatments and research. Providing individualized care by a team of professionals who specialize in breast health, our overriding goal is to expedite diagnosis and facilitate treatment decisions.

Breast cancer cases receive intense focus and review. In addition to the bimonthly cancer case review sessions, a monthly Breast Tumor Board meeting is dedicated exclusively to breast cancer cases.

Breast Navigator

An integral part of the Center's staff, the Breast Care Coordinator organizes a full continuum of services and programs including health promotion, wellness, screening, diagnosis, education, treatment and research. A specialist in breast health issues, she can guide you through every phase of your treatment. To speak with our breast care nurse, call 219-757-7212.

Screening and Diagnostic Services

For the first time in decades, the death rate of breast cancer is decreasing. This is largely due to the use of mammography screening in addition to other specialized equipment to diagnose breast diseases.

3D Mammography

Methodist Hospitals is the first hospital in Indiana to use the 3D digital technology to provide a highly accurate screening. This new technology allows us to more quickly and definitively interpret mammograms, enabling the early diagnosis if needed. Yearly mammography screenings are recommended for women age 40 and over.

After a screening mammography, we follow up on any unusual results additional mammagraphic views of the breast. Sometimes additional procedures may be needed including:


Using digital images from mammograms and ultrasounds, multiple core samples are obtained from the affected area using a spring-loaded needle or a vacuum-assisted rotary coring needle device.

Breast Ultrasound

Using sound waves to create an image of tissues within the breast, Methodist technologists can see all areas of the breast, including the area closest to the chest wall. We can also determine if a breast lump is filled with fluid (a cyst) or if it's a solid mass.


An MRI usually is performed when we are seeking more information than a mammogram, ultrasound or clinical breast exam can provide. In certain situations, such as when a woman has a very high rish of breast cancer, breast MRI may be used along with mammograms as a screening tool for detecting breast cancer.

Interventional Procedures

Methodist Hospitals employes the most advanced minimally-invasive interventional tools, including MRI biopsies and sterotactic- and ultrasound-guided biopsies, as well as cyst aspirations, ductograms and excisional biopsies.

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