Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Methodist Hospitals looks at the whole picture when treating cardiovascular diseases and conditions, with rehabilitation programs designed to help patients achieve their highest level of functioning. Through the genuine caring and knowledgeable guidance of our rehab staff, hundreds of patients have learned how to control their disease. Programs include prescribed exercise, lifestyle counseling and group support.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Following a cardiac episode, our rehabilitation team tailors a personalized activity and education program that meets the patient’s specific needs. The program begins while the patient is still hospitalized, and we encourage continued, outpatient participation. You will learn how to follow an exercise plan, improve your diet, quit smoking, reduce stress and take better control over your general health.

As part of your rehabilitation program, a cardiologist will prescribe and monitor your exercise plan using a portable heart monitor and by measuring blood pressure. We will teach you how to self-monitor your exercise programs to help you maintain cardiovascular health and fitness for life!

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Compassionate, licensed therapists help individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in Methodist Hospitals’ Pulmonary Rehabilitation program. Using state-of-the-art treatments, we will show you how to reduce and control the physical complications of your disease. Our goal is to provide you with greater independence in carrying out daily activities and reduce emergency room visits. By following our specialized program, you can actually decrease the number of days you spend in the hospital.

Adult Fitness Training

For patients who have completed rehabilitation programs, Methodist Hospitals provides an ongoing fitness maintenance program. In a health club-like environment, medically trained exercise physiologists design and oversee exercise programs that help patients stay healthy and fit.

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