Longtime Methodist Employee trains IUN students 

Aug 25

Mary Ann Hansen, of Griffith, holds a technical and supervisory position at Methodist Hospital.

Hansen is supervisor of the ultrasound departments at the South Lake, North Lake and its outpatient centers. She holds credentials as registered diagnostic medical sonographer with specialty registries in OB/GYN, which is for obstetrical and gynecological exams; abdomen, for abdominal exams and all small parts such as thyroid; breast, for breast ultrasound and breast biopsy procedures; neuoro, for neonatal and pediatric head (brain) exams as well as the neonatal or early pediatric spine for neurological disorders, and RVT, registered vascular technologist, for examination of arteries and veins including the carotid arteries, aorta, and legs and arms to evaluate for venous or arterial occlusions.

"In the state of Indiana, only five people hold all these certifications and three of them work at Methodist, " Hansen said.

Hansen has been employed by Methodist Hospital for 32 years. She was in X-ray the first year and registered for ultrasound the following year. In the beginning she learned the diagnostic procedures on the job and took hospital classes, there were no ultrasound schools. Now as part of her duties, Hansen is clinical on-site instructor for Indiana University Northwest sonography students. She supervises staff in the ultrasound department and keeps on top of new techniques and changes in hospital policy and procedure to reflect those changes.

"Over the 30 years, I've had plenty of opportunities to work at other facilities, but I've always stayed here because the people are great on a professional and personal level and Methodist upgrades equipment and keeps up with the times to ensure quality," she said.

Hansen was recently chosen by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers to participate in the reworking of the national breast ultrasound exam for scoring and content. She and her husband, Charles, have three children: Craig, Sean and Lauren.

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