Methodist Hospitals’ Chef Gained Important Knowledge About Produce Safety at Seminar 

Aug 09

Chef Albert Abrams of Methodist Hospitals went to a three day seminar about produce safety in Monteray, CA from June 22 to 25, 2010 because he filled out a questionnaire about produce from a Gordon Food Service sales representative and his name was picked out of a drawing.

The produce safety seminar focused on everything from where produce grows to where it is processed. During the three day seminar, Abrams went to three different fields and factories in the beginning of the day and saw how everything was planted and produced. He was able to see how micro-greens, strawberries, and romane and ice-burg were planted. During the second half of the day, he went to meetings where different produce issues, such as sustainability were discussed.

Abrams said the most valuable knowledge he gained while at the seminar was learning that it’s a genuine effort to make sure the products that are received are safe.

“I know for sure that the produce we receive is safe because I saw first-hand how it was produced in the factories,” he said. “Everything was triple washed.”

“I learned a wealth of information that I never expected to learn. It was thought provoking and a worthwhile trip,” he said. “I met everyone, including the field workers, the president, and the field inspectors.”

Abrams has been working for Methodist Hospitals for 10 months. He said that he would attend another seminar on produce safety if it is as well organized as the one he attended.

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