Methodist Hospitals is First Hospital in Northwest Indiana to Implement Epic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology Hospital Wide  

Oct 06

Leading-edge technology launched at Methodist Hospitals links all hospital departments and specialties, creating a single electronic record for each patient. The hospital-wide implementation of this system is transforming the way patient care is delivered.

“Investing in the latest technologies is an important aspect of our commitment to the communities we serve. Already, the response from our physicians, nursing staff and ancillary areas has been overwhelmingly positive. The advent of the electronic medical record signals a significant change in our culture and in the culture of the delivery of health care. Methodist Hospitals is proud to be leading the way in this important advance,” said Ian McFadden, President/CEO of Methodist Hospitals.

EPIC gives Methodist healthcare providers immediate access to real-time patient information, dramatically increasing efficiency and the ability to provide the best care. In the past, coordinating patient care involved tracking down records, charts or notes from different hospital departments and physicians. Now, all clinicians can access the exact information they need, when they need it. In addition to streamlining patient care, EPIC enhances patient safety at Methodist. Before administering medications, nurses scan medications, as well as a bar-coded wrist band worn by the patient. The system checks to ensure that it’s the correct medication, the correct dose and right time of day for the dose. EPIC also delivers automatic alerts to warn of drug allergies and potential interactions or complications when a medication is initially prescribed.

Treatment orders, medication orders, and chart notes are entered directly into the EPIC system, greatly reducing the chance of miscommunication and misinterpretation. No matter where patients go within the Methodist Hospitals system, their entire history of allergies, medications is available to all clinicians and physicians.

Because of EPIC, patients at Methodist no longer have to repeat their medical history and medications to each caregiver they see. Beyond convenience, this can be a great help for some patients who might have trouble remembering the names of their medications and exact doses. Having a complete electronic record also streamlines patient registration, scheduling and accounting.

And coming soon….Methodist Hospitals will offer the EpiCare system for its physicians for use in their offices – so that if a patient’s doctor is a member of Methodist’s medical staff, all of their office visit information will be a part of that record as well. And soon, patients will be able to access their own medical information through a secure, online connection called MyChart.

Fact about EPIC Systems Corporation - The EPIC EMR is rated #1 by KLAS, a healthcare information technology research firm specializing in monitoring and reporting the performance of healthcare vendors.

About Methodist Hospitals
Methodist Hospitals is a community-based, not-for-profit health system with two full-service acute care facilities that has been leading the way to better health for residents of Northwest Indiana for almost 100 years. Methodist Hospitals offers a number of award-winning programs, including its Neuroscience and Oncology Institutes, Restart Center for bariatric surgery and Women’s Health program. Its range of services also includes Emergency services, Cardiovascular services, Orthopedics, comprehensive Rehabilitation services, Home Health Services, and a Behavioral health care unit.

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