Plastic Surgeon Demonstrates Botox non-surgical procedure during a Get Ready for Summer Beauty Seminar 

Jul 07

Dr. Jeffery Flagg from Methodist Physician Group hosted a Get Ready for Summer Beauty seminar June 23 to educate potential patients about the options available for plastic surgery. The two hour seminar consisted of a presentation including both non-surgical and surgical procedures, and raffles for free Botox, Juvederm and Latisse.

The Botox injections were demonstrated on Judy Rathjen of Kouts, Indiana. “The Botox Injections were a quick and easy application, and I might have more done after I see the results,” Rathjen said.

“This non-surgical procedure allows men and women to achieve a younger appearance with little or no pain.” “The people who attended the beauty seminar had really smart questions and were extremely engaged in the presentation.,” Dr. Flagg said. “I hope I gave
them good direction on what type of plastic surgery is right for them.” The event was held at the Southlake Campus Center for Advanced Clinical Studies.

Dr. Flagg received both his Medical Doctor (MD) and Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degrees from the University of Illinois in 1991 and 1985. He completed his plastic surgery fellowship at the University of Illinois and Cook County Hospitals in 1999.

Dr. Jeffery Flagg demonstrates a Botox procedure
on Judy Rathgen of Kouts during his Get Ready for Summer Beauty Seminar.

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