The Methodist Hospitals Cancer Program has cause to celebrate! 

Mar 04

Following a rigorous on-site evaluation, the American College of Surgeons (ACOS) Commission on Cancer has granted the Cancer Program three-year accreditation, in recognition of the services provided and quality afforded. This accreditation comes with an even higher distinction of "Accreditation with Commendation", collecting nine out of a possible nine commendations for the program's commitment to excellence.

Earning this honor represents the strength of the cancer program. For nearly 25 years, Methodist's Cancer Program has maintained accreditation by the ACOS Commission on Cancer (CoC). The honor of "Commendation" is a result of expanding the cancer services provided. Methodist received this distinguished award through its cancer research, participation in clinical trials, community cancer programs offered, and through the diligent activities of the cancer registry and the data collected and maintained.

To receive approval, cancer programs must conform to quality-of-care standards established by the Approvals Program of the Commission on Cancer. Approval by the CoC is given only to those facilities that have voluntarily committed to providing the highest level of quality cancer care and undergo an evaluation process and review of their performance every three years. Only one in four hospitals in the United States achieve basic accreditation by receiving a compliance rating for all standards. Methodists' Cancer Program has exceeded this standard through its Commendation Award on top of full accreditation.

Receiving care at a CoC-approved cancer program ensures that a patient will have access to comprehensive care, including a range of state-of-the art services and equipment. The patient will receive information about ongoing clinical trials and new treatment options. There is ready access to cancer-related information, education, and support. The facility has a cancer registry that collects data on type and stage of cancers and treatment results. The comprehensive cancer program offers lifelong patient follow-up, ongoing monitoring and improvement of care. And, most importantly, quality care, close to home.

The commitment of the hospital's physicians, administration, and staff to quality and excellence made this achievement possible. Recognition and thanks is given to the hospital's Cancer Committee. Under the leadership of key physicians involved in cancer care, the members of the Cancer Committee develop processes for implementing national standards into the daily care provided for patients at Methodist Hospitals.

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