Convalescent Plasma Donation

There is a lot of information that suggests Convalescent Plasma may help some patients recover. Plasma is the liquid part of blood that is collected from patients who had the COVID-10 disease.

The blood plasma of thosewho fought off the infection now contains COVID-19 antibodies. These antibodies helped their immune systems to fight the virus, and so their plasma may be able to help other patients fight off the disease.  At Methodist Hospitals, we have treated a number of patients with convalescent plasma with encouraging results. However, Northwest Indiana is currently experiencing a shortage of donated plasma.

If you were diagnosed with COVID-19 and have recovered, you may be able to help other patients who are currently fighting the infection by donating your plasma. Because you fought the infection, your plasma now contains COVID-19 antibodies. These antibodies provided one way for your immune system to fight the virus when you were sick, so your plasma may help others fight off the disease.  You may be eligible to donate if you:

  • Have had a prior diagnosis of COVID-19 documented by a laboratory test and have had a complete resolution of symptoms for at least 14 days.
  • Are eligible to donate blood and meet other donor criteria.

A negative lab test for active COVID-19 disease is not necessary to qualify for donation.

Methodist Hospitals has partnered with Versiti Blood Centers to offer patients plasma as a treatment option. We are currently seeking qualified plasma donors to help us heal the community.

CLICK HERE or call 1-866-702-4673 for more Convalescent Plasma Donation information.

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