Amal Kabil, RN

Coming to Methodist will give you a sense of belonging. You're not just coming to work, you're part of a family.

Education: Purdue University Northwest, Hammond
Experience: In nursing for 11 years
Unit: Southlake Campus – Intermediate Care Unit

I just always wanted to be a nurse, I just always wanted to take care of people. I just like to make people feel better, put a smile on their face, and tell their family they’re going to be okay. Our patients are sick. They feel they don’t feel well, they’re locked up in a room all day. If I can get one smile, make them feel good, then I feel I did my job.

After I graduated from school, one of my classmates got a job here. She encouraged me to apply here. Other hospitals seemed to frown upon new grads, but Methodist called me right away. They gave me a chance, and I’ve been here since. I can’t leave. I love the people too much.

I just feel like people are happier, more down to earth here. They’re really genuine. They really do care.

Coming to Methodist will give you a sense of belonging. You’re not just coming to work, you really do feel like you’re a part of the hospital and you’re part of a family. Plus, what I love about this hospital, you get so much experience here. That experience is going to take you really far because if you go work at another hospital coming from here, I promise you will work any unit and feel very comfortable. I’m very serious when I say that, because this hospital teaches you a lot. I mean, we really are the doctors’ right hands here. They trust us a lot.

This environment is different. It’s very welcoming. The nurses don’t eat their young. Everyone is very helpful. Very patient. When I’m training somebody, I try to make them feel comfortable and tell and have them tell me what to do. What do you want me to do for you? How many patients do you want to take today? I want to make you feel comfortable because it’s very overwhelming to be a new nurse, taking care of human beings, making sure they’re okay at the end of the day, while learning all these skills and tasks. So, it’s helpful when you have a decent nurse training you the right way.

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