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Prostate Cancer Program

Methodist Hospitals’ award-winning, comprehensive Prostate Cancer Program offers advanced screening, diagnostic, surgical and radiation oncology services to men with prostate cancer.


Men in their 50s should discuss the pros and cons of prostate cancer screening with their doctors. The two most common types of prostate screenings include digital rectal exams and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood tests.

High-Risk Screenings

Prostate screening MRI is a non-invasive, non-surgical and pain-free alternative to biopsy. This technology can measure how advanced cancer and well as if it has spread. It can also detect other prostate conditions and is covered by most insurance plans.


When prostate cancer screenings detect abnormalities, doctors my recommend further tests, including ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or prostate biopsy.


Prostate cancer treatment methods depend on several factors, including how fast the cancer is growing, whether it has spread, and the patient’s overall health.


Radiation therapy uses high-powered energy to kill the prostate cancer cells. Methodist Hospitals’ TrueBeam™ system delivers high doses with accuracy in the fractions of millimeters to narrowly target tumors while avoiding nearby healthy tissues and organs. This advanced technology delivers fast, accurate, image-guided treatments in minutes.


Prostate cancer surgery involves removing the prostate gland, and some surrounding tissue and lymph nodes. It’s an option to treat advanced cancer that’s confined to the prostate, and may be used in combination with other treatments.

Patient Navigation

Anyone who has been touched by cancer knows the road to recovery can be long. Methodist Hospitals nurse navigators help to coordinate appointments and treatments, and to guide patients from diagnosis through treatment, rehabilitation and survivorship.

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