Employees of the Month

November 2021

Cheryl White, RN, Northlake ICU

Cheryl White

Cheryl is a Registered Nurse in our Northlake Campus Intensive Care Unit. Cheryl heard someone knocking at a Stairwell Door. When she responded, she found a confused patient. The patient gave their name, but could not remember their room number or unit. Cheryl made phone calls and discovered what unit the patient was from and that the patient was in isolation. Because of Cheryl’s quick action and thinking, the patient was returned to the proper room without injury.

Camille McBee,
Medical Assistant

Camille McBee

Kaylan Richardson,
Medical Assistant

Kaylan Richardson

Camille and Kaylan are Medical Assistants in our Methodist Physician Group (MPG) division. They helped our Southlake Campus Obstetrics (OB) Department while maintaining their schedule with their surgeon offices. Their work includes rooming patients, returning phone and email messages, scheduling surgeries, and doing prior authorizations for OB, General Surgery, and ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat). Camille and Kaylan have worked tirelessly to make sure our providers at our Southlake OB have coverage to allow their patients to be seen. Without employees like Camille and Kaylan, we would have had to limit the number of patients seen in these offices. They allowed us to stay true to our Mission, Vision, and Values.

October 2021

Patricia Marianovich, Team Leader, Employee Health Department

Patricia Marianovich

Pat is our Team Lead in the Employee Health Department. She was described as an extraordinary employee and true example of the Methodist Hospitals mission, vision and values. She has taken on additional responsibilities to keep the Employee Health Department afloat. She dedicates time to ensure staffing levels are stable as we process new hires and agency staff. She also took time to bring an injured employee in a wheelchair to enjoy our Employee Picnic. Pat always has a pleasant demeanor and makes each new hire feel welcomed and a part of the Methodist Family. She continuously puts the needs of the organization and others first to keep our staff healthy and productive to serve our patients.

September 2021

Fire Response Staff

Lilles Balash

Darren Davis
Lakesha Ealom
Simon Lillie
Johnny Perez

Merlene Richardson
Veeta Thomas

The NLC ICU Fire Response Staff (Lilles Balash, Nicole Cooper, Darren Davis, Lakesha Ealom, Simon Lillie, Johnny Perez, Merlene Richardson, and Veeta Thomas), are recognized for their heroic response to the fire in the Northlake ICU on Sunday, September 19, 2021. Their immediate reaction and response, we believe, protected our patients from further harm and the facility from further damage. In the midst of chaos, they chose to run towards danger – not thinking of themselves, but thinking of our patients.

Patient Access Management Team

Megan Carson
Betty Dowdell
Ramonita Feo
Marie Gourdet
Samuel Jelks
Joshua Washington
Lisa Yaakoubi

The Patient Access Management Team (Megan Carson, Betty Dowdell, Ramonita Feo, Marie Gourdet, Samuel Jelks, Joshua Washington, and Lisa Yaakoubi) has worked tirelessly while taking on additional assignments including Methodist Physician Group (MPG) Scheduling and COVID Registrations, while maintaining Outpatient areas, Pavilion A & B, the main hospital, Financial Services, Scheduling, Insurance Verification, and the Emergency Departments. This team assures that authorizations are received as required for in-house admissions, surgeries, radiology services, and therapies. Each day, they handle a high volume of patients, especially in the Scheduling and Emergency Departments.

August 2021

Donna Barry, Hostess (Catering Associate), Northlake Food Services

Donna Barry

Donna was recommended by staff on 5 South where she is appreciated and communicates well with patients and the nursing team. Since Donna has been the Hostess on 5 South, their patient satisfaction scores have tremendously improved. The warmth in Donna’s voice and great eye contact when speaking with patients, families, and staff confirm that she cares. Showing respect to others and her sincere concern melts the heart of patients and puts a smile on their faces. Nutrition and Donna’s kind heart gives our patients a double dose of healing power.

CareFirst Schererville Team

Cori Dorsey
Cynthia Jerry
LaToya Mallett
Monah Musleh
Michelle Ruhnke

Maureen Salinas
Keli Sprinkles

Cori Dorsey, Cynthia Jerry, LaToya Mallett, Monah Musleh, Michelle Ruhnke, Maureen Salinas, and Keli Sprinkles exemplify outstanding teamwork and provide great services to our communities and patients. We advertise that our CareFirst Immediate Cares offers a wide array of services and “Much More.” This “small” team has done exactly that as they achieved “big” things for Methodist Hospitals. This year’s successes and accomplishments include:

• Implementing a call back program to all patients who passed through our COVID-19 drive through. Some weeks exceeded 1,200 calls for positive and negative results. Counsel, services, or appointments were offered.
• Promoted Methodist’s Infusion Centers by offering and scheduling BAM and/or Regeneron infusion at our Infusion Centers.
• Partnered with our Methodist Pharmacy to become an Indiana State vaccine site to administer all three COVID-19 vaccines.
• Partnered with our Methodist Laboratory to offer COVID-19 PCR testing to our local community.

July 2021

Laureen Pilla, Mammography Technologist

Laureen Pilla

Laureen is a Mammography Technologist at our Northlake and Southlake Campuses. Recently, she listened to her patient’s concerns and complaints as she came for a mammogram. She took the complaints seriously, asked appropriate questions and advised the patient on what her next steps were. Concerned for the patient’s welfare, she reported the event to the patient advocate and her supervisor. Light was brought to the situation and Laureen was thanked for her concern, compassion, and strong desire to do the right thing.

Stephanie Swank, Athletic Trainer

Stephanie Swank

Stephanie is an Athletic Trainer in our Ortho Spine Department and is the current trainer for the Gary Southshore RailCats. She manages their injuries and keeps more than 25 professional baseball players healthy. She travels with the team and endures 75+ hour work weeks. Stephanie implements the COVID protocols, coordinates testing, and helps incoming players get vaccines. Stephanie is a very hard worker and always has an optimistic attitude.

June 2021

Anthony “Dusty” Snowden, Transporter

Anthony “Dusty” Snowden

Dusty has worked at Methodist Hospitals for 15 years and been a patient transporter for 6 years. His first priority is ensure our patient’s experience is the best. When department staffing has been challenging, Dusty is always ready to support his peers and suggest solutions. Dusty provides help whenever needed, and even held down a very strong patient who was intubated and trying to pull out his support tubes as respiratory staff cared for patient. Recently, Dusty took the time to listen and demonstrate care when the patient was going having a tough day.

Tammy Symmes, RN, 5 West

Tammy Symmes, RN

Bilijana Dobrijevic, RN, 5 West

Bilijana Dobrijevic RN

Tammy and Bilijana are both Registered Nurses on the 5 West at our Southlake Campuses. They are part of the team that provided amazing care for a long stay patient who became a friend. They took their friend on multiple walks during the day to provide some happiness. He loved sitting by the fountain outside and looking at the flowers. Tammy brought him along to the hospital cookouts. When the patient lost his wallet, she bought him a Cubs wallet (because she knew it was his favorite team). Bilijana brought special coffee from home that the patient really enjoyed. Tammy, Bilijana, and all the staff on 5W1 provided support from the heart. 

May 2021

Lynette Andres, Health Unit Partner (HUP), 4 East

Lynette Andres

Lynette is a Health Unit Partner (HUP) who works on 4 East at our Northlake Campus. She has worked on 4 East since April of 2019 when an official COVID Unit was formed at Northlake. Lynette was instrumental in helping to organize the Unit, keeping it tidy and stocked with all the supplies nurses needed. She remained on 4 East as the Unit converted back to a Med/Surg Unit. Lynette always lends a hand to help patients, nurses, and the Unit Manager, LaTina Ashana. She is a support and resource to nurses. The unit is primarily staffed by traveling nurses, they agree that Lynette is helpful, going above and beyond her normal duties.

Yesenia Torres, RN, 5 South

Yesenia Torres, RN

Latonya Pippins, RN, 5 South

Latonya Pippins, RN

Yesenia and Latonya are both Registered Nurses on 5 South at our Northlake Campus. They exemplified great nursing by not only providing the bedside shift report (best practice and standard), but by assessing the patient at that time and noticed the patient was in immediate distress. A code blue was called resulting in the patient being transferred to ICU. If the bedside shift report was not performed, the outcome may have been very different. Yesenia and Latonya intervened and gave the patient a fighting chance.  


Mary Gaydos, RN, Southlake 3W1

Mary Gaydos, RN

Maryis a Rehab Nurse that works on 3W1 at our Southlake Campus. She has been a true asset to 3W1 and other units. Mary has volunteered multiple times to work on other units, even changing her social plans to come in and work a mid-night shift on 4W3 (when she normally works the day shift). Mary also floats to other units to learn something new. She has learned a lot and signs up for education when offered. Mary carries a small note book in her pocket, writes down what she learns and shares her learnings with others on the unit. Mary volunteered to be part of our Shared Governance and participates in UBETs (Unit Based Excellence Teams). She has taken on 2 projects, one MAGNET related and the other for CARF accreditation.

Angela Toney, Physical Therapy Aid, Outpatient Rehabilitation

Angela Toney

Angela is a Physical Therapy Aid in our Outpatient Rehab Therapy Clinic (Pavilion D). She is the only Aid assigned to the clinic and efficiently moves from one task to another. She willingly took on the responsibility of working temperature monitoring station at the front desk and changed her lunch time so that she could clean the gym before the 1:00 p.m. patients arrive. Daily Log Books were found in perfect order during recent rounds. Angie reported that up to 10 patients per day were coming into Pavilion D in error, looking for the Vaccination Clinic in Pavilion B. She noted some of these persons were elderly and not walking well. Therefore, Angela kept her coat on during the day and would run out to patient’s cars to direct them to the correct building so they would not have to make an extra trip.

March 2021

Calvin Fossett, Workstation Engineer, IT

Calvin Fossett

Calvin is a Workstation Support Engineer in our IT – Network/Telecom Department. Calvin is commended for his dedication and being a valuable asset to the Methodist Hospitals. A Home Health RN was scheduled to see 16 hours of patients (32 total hours of work) on Saturday and Sunday, but had laptop software problems. Calvin Fossett worked on fixing the problem for more than 1-1/2 hours and finished around 5:00 p.m. He punched out and came back to work on fixing the problem to meet the need.

Sara Zilz, RN, Navigator, Oncology Institute

Sara Zilz, RN

Sara is a Navigator in our Oncology Institute. Sara regularly goes above and beyond her normal work duties and is eager to help wherever help is needed. Sara provided white boards for each office door to improve departmental communication and brings cheer to the department each month in subtle ways. As an example, Sara brings different fragrant hand soaps for the department’s washroom each month. Sara was also an integral part of our successful National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) survey. Sara, thank you for a job well done.

February 2021

Tracy Patterson, Catering Associate, Food Services

Tracy Patterson

Tracy is a Catering Associate in our Food Services Department. While she was picking up trays she noticed the smell of something burning. Tracy investigated where the smell was coming from. When she found the source of the smell and looked into a patient room, she discovered that the patient’s bed sheets were on fire. Tracy rushed to the nursing station and screamed fire. Unit staff (Julie and Ophelia) rushed into the room, tried to remove a lighter from the patient’s hand, and dumped water on the bed to extinguish the fire. They eventually got the lighter out of the patients hand and searched the room and patient’s belongings to ensure the patients safety. Once the situation was under control, Tracy continued picking up trays.

COVID Vaccine Schedulers (Brenda Bailey, Alethea Harris, and Liz Kish)

Brenda Bailey
Liz Kish

Brenda, Alethia and Liz schedule for our vaccine clinic. The state system had many bugs and Brenda, Alethia, and Liz went above and beyond to come up with a solution to keep scheduling patients for COVID vaccines. Brenda and Alethea are new to Methodist, but showed great teamwork and offered to help schedule patients without being asked. Their work is representative of our great who go above and beyond to help our community.

January 2021

Donielle Cotton, Physical Therapy

Donielle Cotton

Donielle is a Physical Therapist who routinely goes above and beyond since joining the Methodist family. Don worked on the Northlake Rehab unit that closed. He was reassigned and helped fill staffing gaps in the Northlake acute unit, Southlake Rehab unit, and Midlake Outpatient Clinic. Don has traveled between these areas to provide coverage sometimes in the same day. He has done an excellent job transitioning between the departments that require different clinical skills and have different documentation requirements. Don has been instrumental in the startup of our lower extremity lymphedema program in the Outpatient Clinic.

Silvia Garza, RN, Cardiac Cath Lab

Silvia Garza, RN

Silviaworks in our Cardiac Cath Lab Department and is recognized for always going above and beyond for her patients. She helped a patient and filled out her insurance form for a pleurx catheter. Silvia scanned her insurance cards and contacted the doctor’s office to get home evaluations. The patient’s family was not involved in the patient’s health care, so Silvia took it upon herself to help the patient. She went back and forth with the doctor’s office to help the patient. Silvia treated this patient the way many of us would want someone to treat our mother if we were not present to help.

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