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Diabetes Center

Through education, we help patients with diabetes take control of their disease and lead healthier lives

Don’t Let Diabetes Manage You

If you have recently been told you have diabetes, or have been living with diabetes but want to learn more about how to manage you condition, the diabetes center at Methodist Hospitals offers a comprehensive program that puts you in charge of your health. 

The Diabetes Center also offers a year-long diabetes prevention program that is certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

Methodist Hospitals is helping patients with diabetes take control of their disease and lead healthier lives. Designed to educate patients with different types of diabetes, our comprehensive Diabetes Self-Management Education Program provides targeted guidance and instruction presented by highly qualified, caring professionals.

Methodist’s program is recognized and certified by the American Diabetes Association, Medicare, Medicaid and other commercial and private insurance providers. It has also received the prestigious American Diabetes Association Education Recognition Certification.

The centerpiece of the program is our series of classes that teach people with diabetes how to better manage their health. Prior to taking a class, the patient meets with our specialized diabetes educators in a one-on-one appointment. Follow-up appointments are held three to six months after attending a class to assess progress and review the goals set the initial visit. When completed, patients are well equipped to manage their diabetes and not have it manage them.

Who Will Benefit?

Methodist’s Diabetes Self-Management Education classes benefit individuals who are affected by a wide range of diabetes types. These include:

  • Type 1 Diabetes 
  • Type 2 Diabetes 
  • Gestational Diabetes 
  • Pregnancy Impacted by Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes 
  • Pre-diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Impaired Fasting Glucose, Impaired Glucose Tolerance 

Class Topics

The American Diabetes Association has identified the following topics as important:

  • Diabetes disease process 
  • Nutrition 
  • Physical activity 
  • Medications 
  • Monitoring/using results 
  • Acute complications 
  • Chronic complications 
  • Goal setting and problem solving 
  • The impact of diabetes on your life 
  • Preconception care for pregnancy and diabetes and gestational diabetes 

We further encourage patients to attend the diabetes support and education group that meets monthly at Methodist Hospitals’ Midlake Campus. Patients who have a doctor’s order may schedule a one-on-one appointment with a registered dietician for Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Initial Consultation

Take the first step toward taking control of your diabetes and improving your health. Classes are held by appointment at the Southlake Campus. To schedule your initial consultation, call: 219-738-5802

Diabetes Self-Management Education Class Schedule

Comprehensive diabetes education involving all aspects of treatment as well as prevention of chronic complications. Physician referral required.

Tuesday Classes at the Northlake Campus
Available the first three Tuesdays of the month
1:00-4:00 pm.
Meet by Booth #5 in Outpatient Registration

Wednesday Classes at the Southlake Campus
Available the first three Wednesdays of the month
1:00-4:00 pm and  5:00-8:00 pm.

Call 219-738-5802 to register

Support Group Schedule

Free classes that cover a wide variety of topics related to diabetes are discussed for persons with diabetes and their family members.

Tuesday Classes at the Northlake Campus
Available the 4th Tuesday of every month
10:00 –11:30 am.
Meet at the Northlake Campus Front Lobby Entrance

Tuesday Classes at the Southlake Campus
Available the 4th Tuesday of every month
5:00 -6:00 pm.
Meet at the Southlake Campus Pavilion D, Room 161

Call 219-738-5802 with questions

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