Kelly Wieser, RN

Everybody’s looking for the perfect place to fit in…that place where you feel special.

Education: Purdue University Northwest, Hammond
Experience: In nursing since 1995
Unit: Southlake Campus – Med/Surg IMCU

I’ve been on the same floor at Methodist Hospitals, working on the same floor, since I graduated from nursing school in 1995. I grew up in this area. I never really wanted to work anywhere else. It was just Methodist Hospital because it’s the hospital here.

I was a medical assistant for years, but I always wanted to be a nurse. I just like to take care of people. That’s just my nature. I think you just have to have it within yourself. You must have that compassion and, whether you’re at Methodist or anywhere else. If you don’t have that compassion, and you don’t have that drive to be a good nurse, you’re not going to be a good nurse. Now, I’ve been doing it forever and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

If you don’t have a passion for bedside nursing, it’s not for you. Our whole floor is a family. Even the entire hospital, I’m friends with everybody here. Everybody kind of knows each other. So, I’ve never really wanted to go anywhere else. You even become friends with the doctors. We’re all just we’re all just family. We spend a lot of time together.

I work with a great group of people. We’ve all have been nurses for a little while. We understand how stressed a lot of us are. Everyone’s really good to work with as far as helping each other out.

I’ve precepted lots of young nurses over the years. We’ve always welcomed them pretty much with open arms. Even after they’re done precepting, they’re always welcome to come back to me. If they have questions, if they need anything, because I’m here for the patients. I’ll help anybody.

I think everybody’s kind of looking for the perfect place to fit in. I kind of feel that it’s hard when you first start to fit in, and you have to find that place where you feel special. I always had it here.

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