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Behavioral Health Services

Learn the signs of emotional illness and get the individualize care you need in a warm, supportive atmosphere


Methodist Hospitals Behavioral Health offers individualized care in a warm, supportive atmosphere. We work with the patient, family and other health professionals to develop a course of treatment that best meet the individual’s needs. Signs and symptoms that a loved one may be experiencing an emotional illness include: 

  • Sleep or eating disturbances 
  • Crying spells 
  • Excessive and uncontrolled anger 
  • Disregard for personal appearance 
  • Sad or blank looks 
  • Thoughts of suicide 
  • Forgetfulness or confusion 
  • Social isolation 
  • Severe agitation or mood swings.

Inpatient Behavioral Health

Methodist Hospitals’ inpatient program serves patients who require around the clock care. Inpatient treatment is often necessary for patients with acute psychiatric problems, such as clinical depression, schizophrenia, or other severe conditions.

The Inpatient Behavioral Medicine Unit is housed on the Methodist Hospitals Northlake Campus. Our multidisciplinary, team-oriented approach to treatment, which includes access to psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, a social worker and therapists, is designed to assist patients in their stabilization, treatment and discharge planning

We emphasize the importance of the doctor/therapy staff/patient relationship. Patients play an active role in their treatment and discharge planning. Meetings with members of the treatment team and family help to assure that safe and reasonable plans are in place to offer patients continued success following discharge from the hospital.

Inpatient behavioral medicine services include:

  • Board Certified Psychiatrist on staff 
  • Full assessment and individualized treatment plans 
  • 24 hour nursing care 
  • Licensed Clinical staff for therapeutic interventions, social services and discharge planning 
  • Comprehensive diagnostic and psychological testing available onsite 
  • Medication education and management 
  • Closed secure unit 
  • Family meetings prior to discharge
Adult Behavioral Health

Methodist Hospitals Behavioral Medicine accepts patients age 18 to 54, and receives referrals from schools, courts, social workers, churches, mental health agencies and physicians.

This secure unit includes 16 beds and assists patients in managing their acute psychiatric needs in a safe and professional setting.

We actively assist both the patient and his or her family to foster a smooth transition into the community, with the greatest possible degree of appropriate independent functioning.

Geriatric Behavioral Health

We all hope our family members will enjoy “the golden years.” But, as individuals age, they experience the loss of loved ones, and the stresses that go with losing physical and mental abilities. A changing lifestyle and increased physical challenges can lead to sadness and withdrawal. However, persistent personality changes or unusual behavior may indicate your loved one is suffering from an emotional illness, such as depression.

Methodist Hospitals Geriatric Behavioral Health is a 12-bed unit located at the Northlake campus, offering individualized care for those aged 55 and older in a warm, supportive atmosphere.

Experienced Specialist

Dr. Beatrice Nelson-Brewer

Dr. Brewer is a board-certified psychiatrist who is also certified by the American Society of Additions Medicine and an American Board of Additions Medicine diplomate. Her areas of expertise include general psychiatry and geriatric behavioral health.

600 Grant Street, Gary • 219-886-4755

Methodist Hospitals Behavioral Health Services

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