Melissa Lopez, RN

You could be a nurse that just does the job or you could be a nurse that's changing lives.

Education: Purdue University Northwest, Hammond
Experience: In nursing for eight years
Unit: Southlake Campus – Inpatient Rehabilitation

Before I went into nursing, I was a social worker for seven years. Nursing was a different way to care for other people. In inpatient rehab we have our patients for longer periods of time, so we get to see them grow and improve. I enjoy going to the unit each day and seeing them grow.

I enjoyed being part of the community. Gary’s an underprivileged community. My grandparents still live there, and I think they deserve just as good as care of anybody else. So, I wanted to provide good care and underserved population. That’s why I came here. Sometimes, when you have underprivileged populations, you’re dealing with other exterior stuff that you can’t control, but our patients deserve a chance, too. Yeah, we have some barriers, but it’s worth it. Those barriers aren’t really stopping you. Sometimes it’s about touching each person individually and achieving the little goals in their life.

Just like at any facility, you have to find the people you gel with. Our nurse leaders are good at building the right team among people who can work together. That seems different than other places I’ve heard of that sometimes say, “Oh, you don’t cut it. Goodbye.” But here they know you have a certain set of skills.

We all work together. That’s the best thing. It’s hard to be a nurse every day, but here, you have your team…you have your coworkers who are going to help you out.

Give it a chance. Because you could be a nurse that just does the job or you could be a nurse that’s changing lives. We can provide just as good a quality care and attentive care as the other places.

I’m proud to be a Methodist nurse. Join a team that cares. You can be part of that team.

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